Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Date night!

After Christmas, my husband and I were given restaurant gift cards to use for a night out, just the two of us. We finally took time for that last night, and went to Longhorn Steakhouse. I'm not a steak fan, but I wasn't in a pasta mood (shocking, right?) so I quickly pulled up the menu on my phone as he was driving and liked the choices.

Interestingly, the picture I found is exactly what I had - Grilled Chicken & Stuffed Portabella. From the menu description: "Tender grilled chicken breast topped with mushroom sauce and a cheese stuffed portabella mushroom." The meal came with a salad and a side, and I chose the mixed greens salad and baked sweet potato.

Photo courtesey Longhorn Steakhouse website

The salad itself was pretty good, but the dressing (raspberry vinaigrette) was not. It was very light on raspberry and heavy on the vinegar! I just couldn't finish the salad.

The food came fairly quickly. The mushroom sauce wasn't exactly what I had expected; it was more like a brown gravy with mushrooms but was okay. The chicken itself was very good, but the sauce could have been left off easily. However, the portabella was perfection. Seriously, I would have happily ate a plate of nothing but stuffed portabellas and been satisfied. (Just a suggestion, if anyone at Longhorn happens to read this - you really should offer a stuffed portabella entree! I'm not kidding - that would be fantastic!) I was also satisfied with the baked sweet potato - it came with both brown sugar and cinnamon along with butter, and was baked to a soft perfection. 

As tempting as the desserts looked, we were just too full.

We had a good time. It's nice to get out just the two of us, even though it doesn't happen as often as we'd like. I'm very thankful, though, that after fifteen years we still enjoy each other's company and still find things to talk about.

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  1. It sounds delicious. However, I would have traded the mushrooms for the dessert :)