Sunday, November 18, 2012


Emma at age six
Something has happened that I honestly didn't think would happen. The teenager stage of "My mom is an idiot and I can't believe I have to coexist with her" has been reached. We've always had such a great relationship that I just assumed hoped that would continue.

Apparently, I've fallen out of favor.

Sure, there are moments when she talks to me normally. But an increasing percentage of time she ignores me, or answers me with a tone of derision. I get the huffs, the eyerolls, the attitude for as little as saying dinner is ready. Heaven forbid I should enforce a long-established rule. You'd think I was an evil dictator.

She won't even return a hug anymore. If I get close enough to give her a hug, she just stands there. Nothing. Maybe if I'm lucky a half-hearted pat with one arm, but that's it. Forget our talks of the past, when she'd confide in me or tell me about her friends. Those days seem to be over, too.

And it breaks my heart. I miss my daughter.

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  1. Big huge massive hugs. She'll come around soon enough.