Monday, November 19, 2012

Day 19

I'm thankful for bedtime stories.

This book is one of Sophie's current favorites. We read it every night. She calls it the "Find sheep book" and delights in pointing out all of Bo Peep's wandering sheep each time we read it. There are other nursery rhymes also.

Last night, she was going to bed late. We were busy, trying to finish last-minute weekend things like getting the laundry put away. When she started wandering the house crying I realized how late it was & scooped her up for bed. Since it was way past her bedtime and she could barely keep her eyes open, I told her we would only read one book instead
of the usual two. I chose the other one.

Big mistake.

As soon as I finished reading about bedtime hugs for forest creatures, she started. "Want find sheep book!" And the tears. I thought she'd be happy if I just told her the rhymes.

Um, no. If looks could kill, I'd be a pile of ashes. She wailed and flew off the bed in tears. She really loves that book!

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