Monday, February 13, 2012

Ten confessions

Nothing at all like Usher's, but this song always gets stuck in my head when I think of the word confessions.

1. I have never been drunk. In fact, I've never had more than two drinks, and that's rare. Usually it's only one. I'm terrified to ever get even tipsy. The loss of control scares the crap out of me.
2. Movies I don't like: Dirty Dancing, Steel Magnolias, Grease. I am pretty sure someone is going to demand a recall of my girl card.
3. I haven't written anything other than blog posts in months. I can't even say it's writer's block- I haven't even thought about it!
4. There is one house in our town that I am completely in love with. I've decided that if my husband ever wins the lottery (I never buy tickets myself) I'm going to offer the owners an obscene amount of money for it. I know how much it sold for, since I daydreamed over the listing for weeks, so I am pretty sure I can make them a great offer. They can even keep the horse farm part of it! All I want is the house and surrounding yard. If only...
5. I like Adele, but that's it. Like. Not love, not tearing up with her songs, not buying them... but I do like her voice.
6. I may live in Tennessee, but I do not "bleed orange." In fact, I think the UT orange color is hideous. I also don't care about sports at all.
7. If the temperature is below freezing, good luck getting me out of the house unless it's absolutely necessary. I hate the cold!
8. I don't really identify with either political party. There are positions I agree with on each side, but I feel strongly about each issue and can't compromise. Makes election time more difficult, but instead of voting "party line" I'm checking out each candidate and seeing where they stand on the issues that are important to me.
9. I'm forgetful.
10. For some reason, I feel guilty when I win at games. I'll even change how I play to let the other person win more. Why can't I just embrace it? I have no idea.


  1. I loved these confessions= especially your number 10- because for some reason I feel the same way!! However, I've been playing words with friends with my hubby- and he keeps winning and so I think I'm finally 'getting over' this and learning to not to feel guilty if I fact, I WANT TO WIN! ha ha!!

    Great post.

  2. I play that one also! What is your user name? We MUST play each other!

  3. Ten confessions - - love it. I like #10 also. It shows you think about other people's feelings above your own :) I don't like Dirty Dancing, but kind of like Steel Magnolias - kind of. I think we'll let you keep your girl card.

  4. Shhh....I don't like Dirty Dancing either...