Friday, February 17, 2012

One million dollars

I found this prompt on Plinky, a site I discovered through Pinterest.
How would you give away one million dollars?

Believe it or not, I've actually thought about this. Whenever I dream of a lottery win (why do I do that when I don't even play?) I have a "give" category. The amounts will differ, since one million is much less than 200 million or whatever billboard proclaimation sparks flights of fancy, but the list would be the same.

Equal amounts to my parents and my husband's mother
Some to my husband's sister
College funds in the girls' names
My church
My college alma mater
My husband's alma mater if he desires
Local women's shelter

It's easy to say how we'd spend that much money. But what about you? How would YOU give it away?


  1. I would fix the little playground at church

  2. ha ha- funny- because my hubby and I have had this conversation a million times (as if we would EVER get one million dollars)- Missions, paying off kids' school loans, buying house for our parents, church, search and rescue homeless fund, ....hmmmm...I'm thinking at this point the one million is already gone, but hey, if this is a 'dreaming' game I can just keep giving right?? ha ha!!