Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Even though I'm not participating in NaBloPoMo (or NaNoWriMo but that's another story...) I came across today's blog prompt and really wanted to use it.

Day 22: What is the luckiest thing that has ever happened to you, and why?

Several things immediately sprang to mind. First, I'm lucky that my summer working in the Carribbean never happened. I was very disappointed at first (what beach-loving college kid wouldn't be?) but that turned out to be the summer I met my husband. Luck? Divine intervention? Either way, I'm grateful it happened.

Another "lucky" thing was the fact that we were able to leave Children's Hospital in February 2010 with a healthy, seizure-free baby. I am thankful for that blessing daily, especially since I know of other families who did not get the same result.

I feel lucky that we have such a wonderful daughter in Emma. Sure, she's a normal 13 year old girl, with all the attitude and hormones and sassiness that entails, but she is also a loving daughter and big sister. I am blessed knowing that I can count on her when I really need it.

I am lucky that my parents have been married to each other for forty years and are still happy together.

I am lucky that when I went swimming in the river with my friend and my then-boyfriend on the day I graduated high school, and got caught in the current that pulled me under a boulder and trapped me, that I was able to fight and kick my way out and not drown. I am also lucky that my friend was strong enough to jump in the river and pull me out of the current.

I was lucky to have that friend for many years, although I was unlucky enough to attend his funeral almost a year ago.

I am lucky that a chance conversation in a Sunday School class I attended on a whim led to the job I've enjoyed the past three years (and counting).

I am lucky that I love my husband and enjoy spending time with him.

Above all, though, I don't believe in luck. Not this kind of luck, anyway. Luck with scratch-off lottery tickets or raffle drawings, maybe, but not major life events. Too many random things have come together in amazing ways for me to think it's merely luck or coincidence. God, fate, whatever you believe in, but I have no doubt a higher power was instrumental in getting me to where I am today.


  1. Okay- there were sooo many beginnings of GREAT posts in this one post- I mean I want to hear more of how you met your husband...and about getting stuck under the boulder (oh my goodness) I will definitely check out the link...and also HOW is Emma doing now as far as health wise....oh so many questions, so little time.

  2. Emma is doing better. At least we have a diagnosis of "regular" migraines, and medication to help ease the pain.

    I just might have to blog about meeting my husband - it is a story so out of character for me! As for the boulder - it's not a long enough story to be blog-worthy in itself I think. My friend was twice my size and had jumped off this waterfall before, but I was pulled over by the current and right down under the rock. I kicked my way to the surface, pushing against the rock, but was in the center of the river with nothing to grab on to. Luckily he jumped in and grabbed me, and pulled me to shore. Not far downstream was the giant waterfall I've posted pictures of here before. I wouldn't have survived going over that one!