Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Birth control and 20 babies

A friend shared this article on Facebook today. A law that will be decided today in Mississippi, designed to overturn Roe v Wade for that state, is also worded in a way that will outlaw all hormonal birth control. The pill, shots, both hormonal and non-hormonal IUDs, and any other form of birth control that prevents the fertilized egg from implanting. Do I really have to explain how backwards and just plain WRONG this is? For one thing, it makes me very glad to not live in Mississippi. Second, the wording legally defines "personhood" as the instance the sperm and egg combine, which isn't even medically detectable until after implantation, about a week later. I worry this will go in this direction eventually. It's not such a stretch, really. But even if that step is never made, can you imagine a world without access to birth control? Yes, there are condoms. But what about those with latex allergies? What about women who need hormonal birth control to regulate thier periods? Should they suffer needlessly to ease the minds of some ultra-conservatives? "Yes, you might be bleeding heavily or suffer from PMDD, but hey, at least you're not having abortions..." Idiots.

And then there was the Duggar "news." I just don't get the appeal of this family, for one thing. Also, enough is enough. Yes, they are financially stable and aren't living off the government, or any other arguement I've heard in their defense. Yes, they practice Quiverfull or whatever they call it. I think it's just getting a little ridiculous now, though. While I'm sure they started out basing their family solely on religion, I think the lure of fame and money has influenced their current family size. If they were only concerned with fulfilling whatever religious obligation they feel, the family wouldn't go on the Today show to announce the latest pregnancy. "Oh, things are getting tight with 19's medical bills. Let's have another one so we can have a new TV special and make more money." Because after the first dozen, what's another?

Maybe the Duggar family is what's inspiring the Mississippi law...

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