Monday, July 6, 2015

That's so random

Last night I found a few 30 day blog challenges - how exciting! Roughly half a year of ideas, hooray! (Here is the link if you want to join in.) Today's topic? List 20 random things about myself.

1. I have red hair and blue eyes, which is the rarest hair/eye color combination in the world. And my daughters are the same.

2. The Myers-Briggs personality test classifies me as INFP, accurately.

3. I read a lot. On Goodreads, I set my yearly challenge as reading 100 books this calendar year. As of today I'm at 136 finished and counting.

4. I google everything. Seriously, everything. If I don't know something, I just look it up. Honestly I can't comprehend why everyone doesn't! What else was that actor in? How do you make a certain dish? Is that political story going around Facebook true or not? I can tell you in seconds.

5. I think bacon is a bit overrated.

6.  I'm guilty of this:

7. Sometimes I get so overwhelmed by responsibilities that I just shut down for a day or two. I read book after book after book and try to forget for a while. Then I can move on and deal.

8. Cold temperatures make me break out in hives, starting on my fingers and traveling up my arms if I don't warm up.

9. I often have a hard time sleeping because my brain just will not shut off. So I'll read to distract my brain, which leads to a whole other insomnia issue.

10. I'm 5'11" and still wear heels. And I won't apologize for that, either.

11. Red is my favourite color.

12. Grumpy Cat annoys me greatly.

13. I've had a terrible case of poison ivy for nearly 2 weeks now. Today is day 12 of oral steroids for it. I wish I could stay on them forever! I've been pain free in my back and feet for the first time in a year.

14. I used to paint with watercolors and oils but it's been almost 10 years since I've done it. I have no confidence in my abilities at all and talk myself out of it every time.

15. I do this a lot, too:

16. My favourite movies are The Whole Nine Yards and Rent.

17. My favourite TV show is Sherlock.

18. I love big dogs. We have a Pointer (small at 45 lbs) and a German Shepherd (not small at 90ish lbs).

19. This October will be our 18th wedding anniversary. In 2016, I'll have been married for half my life already!

20. I don't mind my job, but I haaaaaate commuting to work. I get so freaking bored in traffic. Even when there's not much traffic I just want to get there already and be done with it. The long drive just kills me.

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