Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Forgive me while I rant a little.

I am so sick of all the hatred in social media lately! It's reached the point of ridiculousness. It's like our whole country is full of people trying to outdo each other with their "rightness" when the real world just isn't that simple.

Even the weather isn't safe. Yes, it's hot outside. But is it really necessary to share photos of blizzards with the caption "for everyone complaining about the heat?" The fact that it gets glacier-worthy cold in winter does not negate the fact that temperatures in the 90s with off-the-charts humidity is freaking HOT. Neither one is pleasant. Stop it.

Then a couple days ago I saw a photo shared on Facebook that had, on one side, a photo of Muslims praying at a mosque. The other side showed a football player kneeling on a field during a game. The caption said "why is this ok (praying at the mosque) but this isn't (football praying)?" Well, for starters, the two have nothing to do with each other. We live in America, land of religious freedom. That's why it is okay. It's okay for Muslims, Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Sikhs, Native Americans,  Pagans, and everyone else to pray however they choose. Also, it's not okay for any of them to pray in the middle of a football game. That's just football. Nothing to do with religious freedoms at all. The only purpose of the image is to create hostility and portray an "attack" that isn't even happening.

And the political divisiveness is off the charts insane. I seriously worry about the future of our country, not because of either Right-wing or Left-wing extremists "winning" anything, but because of the fact that each side thinks they are absolutely right and the other is absolutely wrong. In actuality, both sides are right on some things, wrong on others, but neither one is willing to compromise. The all-or-nothing attitude is going to lead to disaster.

This isn't even the tip of the iceberg. Our society is so hate-centric lately that I could list examples all day long, but for my own sanity I won't. Just please, be a little more respectful of our fellow humans! It doesn't compromise your beliefs in any way to treat others with politeness and empathy.

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