Friday, August 17, 2012

Who broke my baby?

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This is me today. Ok, it's not really me, but it's how I feel. But she looks more awake than I feel. For some reason, Miss Sophie was awake and ready to play at 4:45 a.m. She is NEVER up that early. Ever.

It started with her waking me up asking for George (Curious George, her current favorite). I grabbed my phone off the nightstand to see what time it was. Um, no. I don't like to even acknowledge the existence of that time. I told her it's bedtime. "Why?" Because it's nighttime. "Why?" Go back to sleep! (Cue thoughts of the Samuel L Jackson-narrated audiobook) Requests for George turned into "Want locket-milk (chocolate milk) and cee-ral (cereal)" No. Shortly after - "I gotta pee!!" She went into the bathroom, but turned on the fan instead of the light, which scared her. So, I had to get up and help her. Back to bed? If only...

When she started running up and down the hall playing with the dogs, I gave in and took her to the living room. I turned on Curious George (thank goodness for DVR) and made her a cup of chocolate milk (I use sugar-free chocolate syrup, and it gets her to drink her milk, don't judge). I went back to bed, hoping for more sleep. Nope.

"Mommm-eeee! Momm-eeee!" I get up again, and go down the hall. The dog had gotten on the couch with her (he's not allowed) and was apparently licking her toes. I knew there would be no more sleep, so I gave in and made coffee, put on another episode of George, and took my shower. She finally fell back asleep later for another half hour (when it was time for me to get ready for work, of course), and woke up just as happy and playful again. Which I guess is a good thing, better than being whiny and crankypants because she's so tired, but oh em gee child! Mommy doesn't have enough energy to play when she's woken up that early.

I might have a nap for lunch today.

On another note, her love of Curious George has allowed me to do more with her hair. As long as he's on tv, I can do whatever and she's fine with it. Here are the past three days' hairstyles for her:

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