Thursday, August 16, 2012

Politics suck

It's that time of year - political ads are oversaturating our televisions. Everyone wants a sound bite from the candidates. Interviews are everywhere, and the talking heads are going non-stop.

I'm over it.

Where do I stand? I stand out of the way. I don't belong to either party. I've taken the "Which party do I identify with" quizzes like crazy and get the same results every time: 50% each side. So I choose which issues matter the most to me, and vote for the candidate that agrees the most with me on those issues. Democrat, Republican, Independent, whatever.

Ultimately, I think they're all the same, though. Different labels, same results. Nothing changes. And with the abundance of 24 hour news channels, it's a never-ending stream of chatter ranting and raving. Which reminds me - yet another reason why I hate Fox News. (For many others, watch this documentary.) My husband had the channel on earlier this week. In the morning, the people who yell at each other across the table were saying that unemployment was worse than ever, the economy was getting worse every day, and it was all President Obama's fault (although they can't be bothered to refer to him as President. Have you ever noticed that?). In the evening, on the same channel, another one of their talking heads was saying that the economy was better than it had been in years, companies are hiring again, jobs are increasing, the housing market is improving, and consumer spending is up. Wait - doesn't that directly contradict what his coworkers were saying earlier that same day? Yes it does.

Anyway, I will definitely be glad when the election has come and gone. The political character assassinations won't end completely, but at least it will be a little better for a couple years.

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