Thursday, August 9, 2012

Sacred gifts

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The wonderful book Spin Your Story from Kind Over Matter asks the question "What are my sacred gifts?" It's a question we should all explore from time to time.

So what are my gifts? Good question. I have a hard time answering questions like this, both because I tell myself that I don't make a difference, and because I'm afraid of sounding vain. Also, I can't think of anything. So I asked my husband.

Here's his list of my gifts: I'm a good mother, good at drawing, and writing. Good list.
My list?
Making yummy things in the blender
Making cakes - maybe? Maybe I'm deluded and should be featured on CakeWrecks. Who knows.

The real question, though, is what do I do with my gifts?  What do I put out in the world to help make it a better place?

A very good question, indeed.


  1. You certainly asked a couple of really tough questions! I asked those same questions about a year ago, when I decided it was time for another "reinvention," and was really surprised at the answers my kids and friends gave as far as my strengths. It's good to do that kind of inventory every now and then, but definitely not easy! I really enjoyed your post - thanks!

  2. What a wonderful, insightful post. You certainly have the gift of getting to the heart of an issue and then communicating your thoughts in a beautiful and meaningful manner. I, too, have struggled with claiming my gifts and continue to do so. I think our family and friends see them better than we do. That is a good reason for complementing someone when we see them expressing their gifts.

  3. Yes, a very good question. Either on our own or with the help of others, most of us can identify our gifts, but knowing what to do with them . . . well, that's definitely where I get stuck. Good luck to you in finding your answers.