Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I'm a Gleek

The girls and I are watching the Glee concert movie. I am not like the fans featured; I don't dress up in characters, and haven't named my pets after any characters. But I am completely in love with this show.
So what's so great about Glee?

• Kurt's dad. I've blogged about him before. I have professed my love for him on Facebook multiple times. No, my husband has no reason to worry. I love how he has treated Kurt since he came out, the respect he has given him, and how he has smashed every stereotype in the face and moves mountains to protect his son. I adore this character.

• The music. This show has introduced my daughter to music that if we had played for her would have been met with eye rolls and "that's so lame." Journey, Billy Joel, Barbara Streisand, Michael Jackson, Men Without Hats. Emma is singing along, Sophie is a dancing machine. Not just now, but weekly.

• The diversity. The mixture of races, sizes, economic standing, ability, and sexual orientation is fabulous.

• Sue Sylvester's support of Down syndrome. She is like a bulldog in defense and support of Becky, and we learn that it's because her sister had designer genes. (Thanks to my friend Angela for that awesome term!) Underneath Sue's hard, arts-hating exterior is a heart of gold.

•The strong anti-bullying message. I am so happy to finally have a popular show on TV that models tolerance, acceptance, and reinforces regularly that bullying is not okay. The important topics are addressed weekly, not confined to "very special episodes" once a season.

•Blaine, Mr Schuster, Kurt's wardrobe, Mike Chang's dancing. Come on, I'm not all serious! There are completely superficial reasons for watching, also.

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  1. I am a fellow Gleek. I even flew to San Diego last May to see them live in concert with some friends! That was the absolute best!

  2. I love the character of Sue Sylvester. I think she makes the entire show! (I'm only an occasional watcher but I always enjoy the show when I remember it is on.)

  3. Glee is just the best thing ever. I agree with everything you said about why it's awsome. Especially the music part. If Glee didn't exsist, there's be no way that I'd ever even know about some of these singers/songs that Glee has covered. I mean, my Dad sang 'Jessie's Girl' when it came on before Finn even opened his mouth to sing the first line. Kinda weird.
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