Friday, June 20, 2014

Meet Angus

We have a new family member! A few weeks ago we lost our older dog Daisy, leaving us with just our Pointer, Tucker. He has not been adjusting well to his only dog status. He went from active, outdoor-loving, playful dog to a homebody who only wanted to be outside long enough to relieve himself. If we leave him in the backyard he finds ways to escape. Then yesterday evening, my husband called me about a German Shepherd puppy needing rescuing right away, or else he was going to the pound. The mama dog had suddenly rejected her 4 week old litter of puppies, and he was the last one to be placed.  Because (1) GERMAN SHEPHERD!! and (2) saving from the pound, we now have a puppy! He's an adorable thing, a little butterball. Tucker is a bit wary and afraid of him, but he's always been a big chicken so I'm not surprised there. He will adjust.

We went to PetSmart last night and got puppy formula and a bottle for him, and a bag of large breed puppy food. (BTW, if you get a puppy, purchase their puppy starter kit. It is SO worth it.) They had a lot of dog toys on clearance, and they were buy two get one free, so we got three soft toys for him to chew on. I was amazed to see that with the two stuffed animals, he uses one only for sleeping/cuddling, and the other for chewing and playing. This morning he was sleeping in his box, and when he turned around to the other direction he took the zebra with him for his head.

Now for the pictures!
Worn out from his visit to PetSmart

First feeding

Happy girl!

Sleeping on his zebra toy
As for his name? When my husband and I were first married, he told me about a German Shepherd puppy he bought at a pet store right before he moved out of the state he lived in at the time. The puppy had something that needed to be checked by their vet, though, and wouldn't be ready before my  husband moved. He had already named the dog Angus, but was unable to take him. That was the first name that came to mind for this one, and it stuck.

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