Wednesday, May 8, 2013

What I really want for Mothers' Day

There are three versions of Mothers' Day wishes. There is the advertising version, the "if money was no object" version, and reality. The advertising version says we want flowers, chocolates, jewelry, a new dress, basically whatever is available to buy (except household appliances. Always avoid those.) This version is not exactly correct. While I don't know anyone who would refuse these gifts, they don't normally cause warm fuzzies.

The second version is the dream version. This is what I would want if we had won a lottery, or didn't need to watch finances. In this version, I want weekly cleaning services. I want to be taken out to dinner. I want to go shopping for new clothes. I want a day spent all together, without television or computer or phone distractions: a picnic at the park, games played together, things like that.

Then, there's reality. What I REALLY want for Mothers' Day. My true, actual wish list: help with housework on a regular basis. All the laundry put away. Someone else make dinner (from deciding what to cook all the way through cleanup after). A day of no arguing, back talk, or sarcasm. Cooperation. A day without "hold on" or "I'm COMING" or whining when asked to do something. Lots of hugs. And a homemade card. Construction paper and crayons are sufficient, no need for an elaborate Pinterest project.

That is what I really want.

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