Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas wishing

We are having a small Christmas this year. Since I prefer our girls to love the holiday more for the togetherness and family time than the presents, I'm okay with that. But, presents are fun. And daydreaming is fun. So, here is my imaginary Christmas wish list.

Books. I have been doing so much reading lately. Almost all of the books I've read, literally 5-10 a week, have been brain vacations, little escapes. But I have several great books on my Kindle wish list that I can't wait to dig into.
Kindle (amazon) gift cards. See above.
Gift cards to JC Penney and New York & Company. I need new clothes desperately. I have very few casual clothes, and many of my dress clothes are showing their age. I can only do so much in the way of repairs.
The latest Sims 3 expansion packs, and time to play. (Excuse me while I pull my geeky side out of the closet.) I love this game so much.
Dark chocolate. The good kind, not a bar of Hershey's. And Toblerone - although I prefer that in milk. It's the only time I prefer milk chocolate over dark chocolate.
And since I'm dreaming, I'll throw in a really good DSLR camera. And the knowledge to use it.

That's it - my materialistic side's Christmas wish list.