Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Purple for Ethan

Today Sophie & I are wearing purple. So is my sister-in-law, and countless other friends and friends of friends. My Facebook feed is full of families wearing purple all for the same reason. Today, right now in fact, a lovely five year old little boy named Ethan is undergoing a major brain surgery.

Ethan has Doose syndrome, a rare form of epilepsy. His mother, Taryn, is also a member of the birth board I joined right after Sophie was born. Ethan's younger sister is Sophie's age. This post on Taryn's blog tells about the beginning of their journey leading up to today's surgery. I cannot imagine what this family is going through every day. Our own experience was terrifying for us, and Sophie only had one day of seizures and one hospital stay, and then a happy ending. I can't comprehend the strength Taryn and her husband have.

The family is surrounded by love and prayers today, and I hope you will add your prayers to ours. Pray the surgery goes well, there are no complications, and that it works. He will have a difficult recovery, but pray that it goes quickly. Ethan is a fighter, and he deserves this win. Their whole family does.

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  1. I would have worn purple today...I have a purple T shirt with me. But please consider me where Ethan is in spirit. Ethan will be in my thoughts tonight. My Dad had epilepsy, from a TBI.

  2. I wish I had read this yesterday, but I am praying for this family. Keep us updated on how the little guy is doing!