Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Last night I snapped at Emma when she asked me to pour her a glass of tea as I was pouring mine. There really was no reason for me NOT to do it; I had the tea in my hand and was standing in front of the cabinet where glasses are kept. But still, I snapped.

Of course she called me out. "Why are you mad?"

I wasn't mad, though. I apologized (still a bit snappish I'm afraid) and said I was tired. Tired seems to be a common feeling. I snapped because, even though we all worked yesterday (she went to the sitter's house as a helper for the day), since we all came home my husband was sitting down, relaxing and playing a video game. She was laying on my bed watching TV. I fed the dogs, nursed the baby, cooked dinner, fed the baby in her high chair, and all the while I had two dogs following my every step in the kitchen hoping I'd drop a tidbit and Sophie was crying whenever I stepped away because she was tired and in the evenings, all she wants is to be in Mama's arms, and Miss I-just-spent-an-hour-watching-tv wanted me to do something for her that she was perfectly capable of doing herself.

I was tired, and I was getting stressed, and all I wanted to do was sit and rest, relax, and make some more hair clips.

When we finally did sit down to eat all together, I still had to watch Sophie to make sure she didn't give her dinner to the dogs or dump her plate onto the floor or choke. Then it was bathtime and time to get her ready for bed. I wasn't rested yet!

But, I guess that's the way it is for mothers.

Luckily, Sophie fell asleep quickly and the rest of us spent the evening playing a game together until we were too tired to go on and went to bed. We had fun and laughed a lot.

But I have a feeling tonight it will all happen again.

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