Friday, January 21, 2011

Jwoww and jalepenos (Our country is crazy)

Yesterday I heard two things on the news that are just insane. It's crazy enough that either would be considered "news" with everything that is happening in the world, but then I really listened to what the stories were about.

First, there is Jwoww. (I have never watched Jersey Shore, so I don't know what her real name is.) It seems she is suing her ex-boyfriend to stop the sale of some nude photos and have them returned to her. At first, I thought "That's why you NEVER have nude photos taken!" But then I heard more. When the photos were taken, she was under the effects of anesthesia and not even aware! He posed her nude and photographed her. Such a violation!

Then, I heard his 'defense': The pictures would not damage her reputation because she had considered posing for Playboy.

Is he freaking serious?? So, since she "considered" posing for Playboy at one time, his selling of nude photos he took without her consent should be no big deal? What about the fact that if she posed for Playboy, it would be HER CHOICE. Not his. Hopefully the judge will have the common sense to see that.

The next story was about jalapeno peppers. Specifically, a new variety of jalapenos created just for making jalapeno poppers. They are bigger to hold more cheese. Because even though we can't seem to do anything about world hunger, the homeless, unemployment, or health care, we can make sure our restaurants are supplied with bigger peppers for appetizers. And bigger fried food is better, right?

Oh, please.

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