Friday, November 12, 2010

Up in arms over breasts!

W Magazine is publishing a special Family issue, featuring various celebrities and their families.The Daily Mail website has a story about this issue, featuring many of the photographs and snippets of interviews with the celebrities.

One of the photos in the story is of a pregnant Miranda Kerr, the Victoria's Secret model married to Orlando Bloom.

The photo is a stunning representation of the pregnant form. (And before we hate on her for not having stretch marks, remember that this is a. in black and white, and b. in a magazine and therefore airbrushed and edited.)

She sounds so sweet and excited in her interview, too, like a first time mother should be.

The comments on the article, though, were just awful!
"Kerr's nipples look like dumper truck starter buttons"
"Has Miranda got stick on nipples? lol"
"The Miranda picture is awful, some things are just plain wrong"
"I'm sorry, but Miranda Kerr just looks cheap and nasty."
There are so many more - a few do praise the picture, but many more degrade the picture and Ms Kerr for posing for it. Are we really that prudish and backwards in this world? I just don't have the right words to express how I feel about these comments. Instead of celebrating a woman's body doing what it is made to do, we want it hidden away, covered up, and treated like something contagious or unnatural.
And don't even get me started on the comments about Jenna Jameson! According to these people, apparently no one is allowed to have a questionable past and later have children.
Why are we so judgmental?
It's sickening to me.

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