Friday, November 5, 2010

My little feminist

So last night we had tacos for dinner. We were in the kitchen, lined up at the counter assembling our creations. Chris said something so completely innocently, but that sounded so horrifically DIRTY that I just lost it. I was laughing so hard I couldn't get the sour cream off the spoon onto my food! Emma was right there - inquiring mind and all - so he just said "shut UP!" hoping she wouldn't want an explanation. She pipes up "Don't tell my mom to shut up!" He answers, "she is my wife, I can tell her to shut up if I want to!" Her answer? "Says you."

Let me interject here - this all sounds like we are so mean to each other, but at this point all three of us are laughing - me uncontrollably by this point - and we were joking around. In reality we are much nicer to each other, and would never say these things in seriousness.

After Emma's last remark, he goes on to say how he's the husband and what he says, goes. Emma retorts "This isn't Egypt. You're not the king." The conversation quickly deteriorates into a Bill-Clinton-esque argument: "define castle. Define domain. Prove it's not." I end it there before we go insane (Ok, even more insane) and make sure Emma understands that in reality she DOES have to listen to her Daddy and do what he says, but secretly I am very proud of her.

No man is going to walk all over her when she gets into the dating world. I have a very strong daughter who sees men and women as equals and won't take crap from any future boyfriend or husband!

And on a side note, but still related, before she went to school this morning she asked me to record the Rihanna interview on Good Morning America for her, the one in which she is discussing the abuse by Chris Brown. I have no hesitation allowing her to see that. She needs to hear all about that now, before she starts dating, to help keep her out of that situation when she's older.

The best line from that interview? Rihanna said that she initially went back to him after the beating because she still loved him. Then she realized what it was saying to young girls in that situation. She told Diane Sawyer "F love. Step back and look at the situation as a third party and see it for what it is." I LOVE that! I wish more women could do that. If he TRULY loved you, there wouldn't BE a "situation."

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