Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Learning lessons the hard way

I have a bit of a stubborn side. If you know me at all, this is not a surprise. So when I am told I can't do something, my first response is usually "Yes I can!"

Sometimes, though, like this weekend, it doesn't even occur to me that I shouldn't do something until long after it's already done. Something like.... oh let's just use moving furniture. Alone. Because I'd never move furniture by myself when I'm 24 weeks pregnant, right?

Yeah, we'll go with that.

I did have a nice day Saturday with Emma. My husband was out of town for the day, and early-ish that morning she came and crawled into bed with me and we had some nice cuddle and chat time. Then she informed me my baby was hungry (and was thrilled when I knew she was talking about herself and not her growing baby sister). We had breakfast, dressed, and went into town. The church sale we were going to help with was canceled, so we spent the next four hours going around town visiting all the stores we never have time to normally. We had lunch out (her restaurant choice) and eventually went home. We had ice cream and watched a movie. Then something so rare happened I wish I had a recorder then:

"Mom, I am tired of my room being messy. I'm going to clean it. Will you help me?"

Heck yes I'll help you! The previous weekend she got a new desk and bookcase, but there was still lots of work to be done. And we did it. We started around 7 pm and didn't stop until 11. We cleaned it all, even under her bed. During this time, we were trying to find a place to put her fold-up chair when she wasn't using it. Its former home now occupied her guitar, so we thought it would go nicely between the bookcase and dresser. Except it wouldn't quite fit. So I moved the dresser.

And her nightstand - twice. I had to move it to vacuum underneath it!

We finally wore ourselves out, and knew we had to stop or we'd never make it to church in the morning. She went to bed, and I went to fold and put away all the laundry I'd washed during the day.

A little after midnight my husband came home from his trip. Shortly after that, I had some bleeding. Not enough to be alarmed necessarily, but enough to concern me since it hasn't happened once with this pregnancy. My back and belly hurt, too. I figured I just overdid it a bit and decided to put myself on bed/couch rest for all of the next day.

No more bleeding, but I still was sore all day Sunday. And Monday, and Tuesday. At work, one of the case managers was concerned enough to convince me to call the doctor. I had decided not to call, since I already had an appointment for later this week. She was pretty worried, though, so I called the nurse line. The doctor wanted to see me right away.

Ok - now a little more concerned. He examined me, and luckily everything is fine with the baby. Heartbeat very strong, kicking like crazy (especially when she hears her big sister talking), and growing steadily. I, however, apparently pulled the muscles in my abdomen and ruptured a blood vessel where I didn't even know was possible. I am cleared for the Race for the Cure this weekend, but strictly no more heavy lifting!

Or moving furniture....

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