Monday, September 28, 2009

The big reveal

Last Thursday we had the 20 week ultrasound to see how the baby is doing... and find out what was cooking in there. My husband and I both had the day off from work (which also happened to be his birthday - what a gift, right?) and we picked Emma up from school early.

We headed to the doctor's office and luckily for them the ultrasound was done first thing. Technology sure has improved in the past eleven years! We could even make out the little face and fingers. We got some great pictures to bring home with us, too.

Then was the checkup. Emma informed me that she WAS going to that part, also, so I told her to bring Daddy back since he hasn't gotten to be at any previous checkup. The doctor did ask me if I was eating (again!) since I've lost five more pounds since my previous visit, bringing my total to a 15 lb loss since the first prenatal visit. I am eating, by the way, I just don't have much appetite.

If I had known this baby thing was such a good diet I might have tried it earlier...

We decided not to tell anyone the gender right away, and have a reveal party on the weekend for friends and family instead. My parents came, and my best friend and her adorable little boy came, and we had my mother-in-law on the phone for the cake-cutting. I had colored a white cake the proper color and frosted the whole thing white. I found pink and blue decorator gels at the store and covered the top in question marks.

Everyone was surprised when the inside of the cake was pink!

So, in four short months we will have two daughters. Emma is thrilled to be getting a little sister, and is already embroidering a bib for her that says "I love my big sis."

Now the quest for a name begins....

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