Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Who is to blame?

There has been a story in the news here for several months, progressively developing. To catch you up, several completely healthy dogs had died suddenly after visiting a dog grooming facility in town. First it was one, then another one, then a third. All dogs were in excellent health before their visit. The owner of the business was finally charged with animal cruelty. Then yesterday, this happened:

I'll give you a few minutes to read the story.




A tragedy, right? Those poor children! I can't see how they could ever recover from such a horror. But what really gets me is the father of the indictee. Did you catch this? "Webb's father, veterinarian Carlos Webb, said Tuesday that he blamed the News Sentinel and a $750,000 lawsuit filed against Happy Tails by the owners of Moxie, the deceased beagle, for the tragedy."

Your son treats dogs so badly they die after a visit to his facility. He then decides to murder his wife in front of their young children. Then he has the presence of mind to call a taxi to take him to the "pet spa" where he takes the time to write a suicide note and then shoots himself in the head. And you blame the newspaper for reporting the charges?? And the owners of the third dog that died for suing your son for killing their family pet? What kind of human are you?

It seems the son was taught by example to have no personal responsibility. If you get caught in a crime, it is the fault of who found out, not your own. It is the victim's fault they are your victim. Are you freaking kidding me, sir?? The father was upset because the family's lawyer said he was going to put the pet spa out of business. As well it should be! This man caused the death of four family pets by horrendous, cruel, inhumane treatment that caused them to suffer and die. He should not have been allowed to remain in business!

I am sorry he has to suffer through the death of his son and daughter-in-law, really, and the fact that his son is a monster. But I have to wonder how the son got that way...

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