Friday, May 8, 2009

Friday adventure

This morning started as almost every weekday morning does - arguing with the alarm clock, not wanting to wake up.  Chris got up first, as usual, and after several reminders I was just about to drag myself out of bed when he went across the hall to wake up Emma.  This is what I heard:

"Oh you're up already!  Good!"
"I've been up since 2"
"You're burning up! Take your temperature."

Yep, she was sick.  Her temperature was 99.9.  Ibuprofen and back to bed for her, phone call to work for me.  One problem, though - I had an appointment at 10:30 for some kind of nerve test on my right hand. And we have used all the five parent notes for excused absences she gets for the school year.  Ok that's two problems.

Problem one was not so hard to solve; she spent a couple hours with Daddy at his office. I dropped her off with a book, and went on for my test.  After a bit of waiting (quite a bit) I was taken back for the test.  First my hand and arm were poked a few times with something that gave off an electric shock.  It didn't hurt, but made my fingers and hand move around involuntarily.  Kind of neat, really.  Then the doctor put little needles in various places around my hand and arm, all the way up to my neck.  Sometimes those hurt, but not as much as I anticipated.  Then it was over.

To solve problem 2, I had to take Emma to the doctor.  She was able to be worked in at 3:15.  She had been coughing a bit this week, and had a sore throat off and on since Sunday.  Turns out she has strep throat!  I guess it's a good thing she had to go so her absence would be excused (lots of tests for end of school, she has to be able to make them up!) because I didn't think she was sick enough to go to the doctor.  Oops.

So now we're at home, waiting for Chris to get home so I can go to the store and pick up my troop's cookie incentives from the area cookie manager.  Thank goodness it's the weekend.

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