Saturday, October 10, 2015

The future was wide open

(I can hear that song line in my head but can't remember what song it's from)

Back to the 30 day writing prompts... oops.

What is my dream job?

Well. That sounds like an easy question, right? Like the old question "What would you do for work if money was not an issue?"  I can never decide, though.

I really want to be a writer full time. Like, feel-it-in-my-bones kind of want. The problem is, I can't write when other people are around, at all. I'm too easily distracted. So that would be pretty hard to accomplish with a family, unless by some miracle money really wasn't an issue and I could stay home and write while the girls were at school.

Also, I'd love to own my own book shop. I even have a Pinterest board dedicated to that. I want it in an old building with character. I want a fireplace, book club meetings, children's events.

I think I want the first one more, though. The book shop would be more of a fun side project. My biggest dream is just to move past the self-doubt and fear that has built up a brick wall and just WRITE.

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