Thursday, August 8, 2013

Life really sucks sometimes. We have people we love very much, but for too many reasons we don't get to see often. We send letters and Christmas cards. We occasionally speak on the phone. None of it is enough, but its the way things have always been. But we don't really talk about our feelings or exchange sentiments because that's just who we are.

Then, one day it's too late. It's not supposed to be like this it is unexpected. But, it's the reality. Without warning the person you love is not there. You are out of time, out of chances. You can still picture her face, hear her voice, feel her hug on your body as if it was yesterday instead of too long ago. It doesn't seem possible that you'll never see, hear, feel her again.

Learn from this. Tell your loved ones you love them. Make time. Write more. Call often. Make your feelings known. Because hurt combined with regret is even worse.

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  1. Oh wow, yeah this one hits way too close to home at the moment. Lady, you're making me cry! I hope all is well - sending you prayers

  2. Good message. Hope you have not just recently lost someone. I'm stopping by from the A-Z challenge in April. I saved the links I did not get around too, so I could visit them later. I like your blog and am going to follow. :-) You just seem like a regular mom. I'm a mom too, but my kids are grown. I help my parents, ages 90 an 93 and it feels like helping toddlers at times, I'm back in the caretaking business. :-) I agree, Candy Crush is a killer. I have to say...I'm only at level 18, so you are a master to me! Come visit, if you'd like: from The Dugout