Thursday, March 28, 2013

Just a little randomness

This week has seemed SO long! Today feels so much like Friday; sadly it isn't. Yet.

Our eldest turns 15 in 2 weeks. She asked my husband to take her driving this weekend. I'm so not ready for this.

After work today, I stopped at Earth Fare. Tomorrow is the daycare Easter party, and pretty much any party now practically gives me hives worrying about it. I was super excited to find individual cupcakes in the bakery case. And of course everything there is free of artificial colors. Sophie gets a pink cupcake at the party!

Speaking of Sophie, she LOVES dinosaurs right now. Her bedtime story is The Cat in the Hat telling about dinos. She took her bath with her T. rex. At the big Easter event my parents host, she got a dinosaur egg to hatch. It's in water now, and she is not-so-patiently waiting for it. The directions say 12-24 hours. Oh my.

Waiting is not her strong point right now. To encourage pooping in the toilet, she has a sticker chart. I told her if she fills up her chart with stickers, we'll go to the zoo. She has been talking about the zoo nonstop all week! Every day: "We going to the zoo?" After your chart is full. "Oh, okay!" Pause. "Is Daddy going to the zoo with us? Is Emma going to the zoo with us? I take Bunny? I take my paper?" This is going to be a long month I think.

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