Monday, January 21, 2013


Maybe it's just because January is the month of resolutions, and many people want to get more organized. Maybe it's a sign from the universe.
Maybe it's just coincidence...
But first I read a post from a friend on Facebook that she's power-organizing her house today and I commented that I would love to have a chance to do that. Seriously, I wish I could take a few days off from work, take Sophie to daycare, and clean like crazy. I hate my house right now.
Then, I chose today's date in this app and the prompt is "Do you think of yourself as an organized person? What do you do to organize your life?"

I PLAN on organizing my life. I WANT to organize my life. I'd love to have it all together, to know where everything is and have a place for everything. I even have a board on Pinterest dedicated to that very thing. But three things are missing from my plan: time, energy, and cooperation. I need everyone on board with this plan, and so far while I get agreement on the idea of a clean, organized house, the actual participation is lacking.
So, to answer the question, I do like to think of myself as an organized person, although one living in a state of chaos. Maybe someday soon I'll actually use the ideas I've collected to accomplish something.

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