Monday, June 11, 2012

I'm a grown up now. How did that happen?

I can tell I'm getting older by the things that excite me now. It used to be things like the September issue of Vogue magazine, clearance sales at the mall, and new CD release dates. Now, I get Working Mother magazine and occasionally check the new releases section on iTunes to see if I recognize anything.

I've been anxiously waiting for months for my favorite convenience store chain to open it's new location near Sophie's babysitter's house. Sure, there are several others. But if I want a cappuccino, I either have to take a 2 year old in with me, which means unbuckling her from the car seat, keeping her with me in the store, paying, trying to carry said hot beverage and hopefully a breakfast treat back to my car without spilling either while simultaneously getting her to the car without her running off into the path of drivers not looking out for my 2 year old, and buckling her back into her car seat. Or, I have take a different route to work, which isn't really a big deal, but it's a little out of the way. The new location is perfect! Also, it means I can get gas quickly and easily, without playing peek-a-boo through the car window. So yes, this excites me.

Then this morning, I discovered that there is a stoplight going in at a busy intersection I often use on my way to work. There has been construction there for a couple months now, widening the road. But that's a busy intersection. That light will be very handy in the evenings especially.

What else really excited me this weekend? We got a new lawn mower. I'm officially a grownup now, when I'm thrilled about this purchase. I also was happy to find - are you ready for this one? - wood cleaner! Our new-ish (they were new when Sophie was new!) wood steps need a good cleaning before sealing. I really didn't want to seal in the greenish tinge, muddy dog prints, and mulberry tree bird poop.

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  1. Ha, I get excited about it raining now with my lawn and all...that and about cooking a new recipe or the new Dyson vacuum I got for Christmas. It's funny how your priorities change, isn't it? :-)