Saturday, October 2, 2010

View from the living room floor

Hey, there's something bright and colorful!


Wow, they make sounds if I bang two together! I wonder what happens when I bang it on the dog...


He jumps! Hahaha! Oh. Then he goes away. Well, I'll show him!


Oh hey, what's that? It's splashy! And the dog was drinking it so it must be good to play with.


Hey! Mommy, why are you taking me back into the living room? I was having fun! I wasn't done yet!


Oh wait, what's this?

*reaching under the couch*

Cool! A long black thing with a square black thing in the middle! And it keeps coming! *gigglegigglegiggle*

Mommy! Why did you take that away? Oh, it's attached to the shiny thing that opens up and has lights and sounds and pictures of sister and me. Ok, it's still fun.

*reaching again*

*and again*

*and again*

But I don't wanna be in my exersaucer! Noooo!! Ooh, it plays music when I jump! Cool! What does this button do? And I can chew on this part all I want? Sweet! Look Mommy - I can reach the books now!

Hey, where did the doggies go? I can go back on the floor? Nice. Let's see what changed.


Mommy walked by! Pick me up!! Please!

Mmmm, Mommy cuddles. This is nice. I'm sleepy now after all that exploring. Naptime!

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